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Navy Chief’s Pride Day

THANKS FOR A GREAT EVENT!  This year’s CPO Pride Day ended with over 2100 in attendance, 28 commands in the cadence competition, and 40 guidons.  We sold our remaining MCPON coins and shirts.  Planning is now beginning for 2015!



The “Navy Region Southwest Chief Petty Officer Foundation,” is honored to host the 11th Annual Navy Chief’s Pride Day.

United States Navy Chiefs coming together in a concerted effort to strengthen our camaraderie, exemplify to Selectees the power of the CPO MESS and give back to a community that gives us so much.


Provide momentous opportunity for Chiefs and Chief Selectees to fellowship, be reunited with shipmates past, and show Chief Selectees how strong and united our Mess is.

 Legacy of Excellence, Courage, and Service True

San Diego CPO Pride Day Face Book Page